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Investment Management and Investment Advisory Services:

Cambyses offers portfolio administration and management for your personal, business, and benefit plan accounts. We tailor our recommendations to your risk tolerance, time frame, goals and objectives, using Goal-Needs Assessment, Risk Tolerance Measurement, and Financial Analysis to direct your Asset Allocation and Portfolio Diversification.

To fulfill your requirements, we employ a variety of technical, fundamental, quantitative, and qualitative analyses and deploy a full range of investment vehicles:

  • common and preferred stock and ADRs;

  • bonds; 

  • mutual funds;

  • exchange traded funds;

  • REITs;

  • government securities;

  • direct participation programs; and

  • options (when appropriate)*

Cambyses Advisors uses options and derivatives in hedging and income generation strategies, not for speculation. Some investment products may not be suitable for all investors. Investments are maintained by, and trades are executed through a fully disclosed independent custodial relationship.

We think this is about as apt a metaphor for portfolio diversification and multi-asset wealth planning scenarios as we are likely to encounter.  --  We apologize for the lack of attribution - but by the time we found this its original authorship was lost in the internet ether.

Cambyses tailors our service and product offer to your personal traits and needs. You choose how and which of our portfolio management, wealth management and planning services best fulfills your needs:

  • Portfolio analysis and assessment: one-time intervention to identify portfolio strengths or weaknesses.

  • Active portfolio management: On-going management and maintenance of your portfolio

  • Integrated business and personal wealth planning: Our highest engagement level; Develop a comprehensive financial plan, execute it, and monitor your progress.

Before Cambyses begins any relationship we:

  • Assess your risk tolerance and your ability to withstand market fluctuations;

  • Learn about your goals and aspirations, and the timeline for their fulfillment;

  • Analyze your current financial condition and evaluate your asset structure; and

  • Determine a portfolio structure and strategy that fulfills your goals and stays within your comfort zone.

  • Determine whether we are the best advisor to execute your strategy and maintain your portfolio and refer you to more appropriate representatives if indicated.

For the record: Cambyses is primarily a long-term buy and monitor Advisor. If your preferred strategy is "Day Trade" or "Significant Turnover" oriented, we are probably not your best Advisor option.

Cambyses deploys a broad range of investment vehicles to serve your needs. We have platforms for:

  • Capital Growth or Protection and Income Generation

  • Education Planning: 529 Plans, Coverdell Accounts, UGMA/UTMA, and Non-Exempt Options

  • Retirement Planning: IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, 401K, Qualified Plans, ISOs, ESOPs, and Unqualified Plans

  • Succession and Wealth Transfer Planning: Gifts, Buy/Sell/Merger strategies, ESOPs ISOs, non-exempt Options, Employee Succession and Retention

  • Estate and Disability Planning: Will and Trust solutions (ABC, ILIT, GRIT, GST), Gift planning, and family relations assistance (spendthrift and special needs), DPOAs and Pre-Testamentary Instructions.

Cambyses helps you fund your plan using:

  • Vehicles: stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, ADRs, mutual funds, REITs, DPPs, Alternative Investments;

  • Tools: insurance products, limit and stop orders, option based hedges, forwards and futures; and

  • Strategies: Preservation, Growth, Income, Growth and Income, Aggressive, and Long Term.

Comprehensive Wealth Management, Estate, and Financial Planning:

If you want, our principals’ industry-unique training and hands-on-business experience integrates your personal, investment, and business perspectives into a consistent Retirement, Education, Disability, Estate, Gift and Succession plan. If your goals extend beyond a single objective, Cambyses can help you plan and execute a cradle to grave strategy that mitigates lifetime risks, provides contingencies, and helps you grow.

In cooperation with our affiliates and strategic partners, Cambyses Financial Advisors also offers a comprehensive array of business and personal investment, management, finance, and planning solutions:

  • Strategic/Financial Measurement, Analysis, and Planning

  • Retirement Benefit, Succession, and Estate Planning

  • Tax Planning, Management, Representation, and Compliance

  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition/Development, Finance, Sales, and Syndication

  • Residential Realty Acquisition, Finance, and Sales

  • Project Management

  • Hands on Business Management and Recordkeeping

  • Interim CFO Services

Our extensive network of associates, strategic partners, and independent service sources provides end-to-end, integrated, and consistent coverage for your business and personal investment  needs.



Our Investment and Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, and Wealth Planning-Management Services (including our Retirement and Succession Planning services)  are performed by Cambyses Financial Advisors LLC ("Cambyses"). Cambyses is a Registered Investment Advisor (CRD #230786). For additional information regarding our services, products, policies, pricing and personnel, please download our Firm Brochure (FINRA-SEC Form ADV Part 2A) or view it at the SEC's Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website. Steven Roy Management and Cambyses are affiliated by common ownership.

Cambyses services are provided through Investment Advisor Representatives who are registered through FINRA/CPD. Additional information about Cambyses Advisors and each of our advisor representatives is available on request (and will be provided prior to commencement of any engagement).

Some investments are not appropriate for all investors. Clients are not required to purchase all services through Cambyses or its representatives. Some services may be available from other sources at lower cost than from Cambyses.

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There, you will find Investment, Portfolio Management, and Comprehensive Financial Planning articles, worksheets and checklists with topics that range from: 

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  • Practical: "How can I Save for Current Needs, Education, Retirement or Business Succession ... ," and

  • Life Management: "How do I Protect my Special Needs Child - Once I'm Gone," "Is Probate Really All That Bad?"

You will also find

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Apropos that last paragraph: Let us know what you do well - especially if it is a service we don't offer. We generate a "steady trickle" of referrals for other services and would be happy to add you to our referral list (after we've vetted you and  gotten to know you a bit). Contact us by email or phone to start the relationship. 

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