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Commercial and Investment Real Estate


We support our business and wealth management clients by offering a suite of commercial real estate finance, due diligence, analytic, and buyer representation services.  We limit our realty practice to commercial, investment, and development real estate projects: finance; due diligence; analysis, and acquisition.


​We represent developers, buyers, investors, and lessees of commercial, industrial, multi-family, and investment real estate. Our toolkit includes financial structuring, purchase or lease scenarios; development; owner-user/investor syndication; and 1031 exchanges. We work closely with (unaffiliated) brokerages to fulfill your property sales requirements.


Our strongest real estate service: We maintain active relationships with banks, lenders, and equity capital sources to facilitate project financing. We prepare, package, present, negotiate, and close project financing. We use structural approaches that combine equity and non-equity financing to maximize your project’s potential.

Due Diligence

Support for portfolio structuring; entity considerations; and project/acquisition due diligence. We work with and coordinate the army of professionals that are required to vet and validate your project’s market and economic prospects; financial viability; site and structure integrity; and legal acceptability.

Metrics and Analytics

Proposal analysis; competitive rental study; property and portfolio financial and investment performance; highest and best use analysis; cash flow measurement; return on investment; and lease or buy analysis.

Acquisition – Buyer and Developer Representation

We developed the F.I.G.’.R.S. algorithm to impose (a semblance of) order on the sometimes chaotic process of buying, developing, or leasing commercial property. Applying the algorithm, we guide you through the process as you Find, Investigate, Get, Run, and (eventually) Sell your property. We are exclusively buyer/developer/lessee representatives for commercial-industrial investment property. We refer seller and home purchase/sale transactions to other qualified brokers.

Tax and Management Services

Our realty services grew (about fifteen years ago) out of a now forty-five year old tax planning, management, representation, and compliance firm: We rigorously maintain those credentials, as well as the tax practice itself. We believe we are uniquely situated to fulfill your real estate tax requirements.

Our Realty tax services function similarly to our business tax services, but emphasize the unique character of real estate investments. We emphasize: 

  • Planning: Entity formation, structure and capitalization; multi-state multi-jurisdictional operations; asset transfer and acquisition; integration with personal tax planning; investment taxation; merger, dissolution and winding up.

  • Management: Compliance and planning review; Audit readiness evaluation and maintenance.

  • Representation: Examination (audit), appeal, collections. All federal and most state jurisdictions.

  • Compliance: All entity or personal income tax returns (state, federal, multi-jurisdictional); Estate/Gift/Trust income tax; Sales tax; property tax; excise tax; employment tax.

Available in our Archive-Library

As part of our commitment to client and tax-practitioner awareness and education we write extensively on topics related to our practice service-matrix (and occasionally on topics that are far-afield from it). Ask, and we may have written about something you want to know: For example

Our Archive-Library materials range from "readily understandable by anyone who can read" to "you'll probably need professional credentials and experience to assimilate this one." You can usually determine which you are looking at by reviewing the footnotes and end-notes. The more referenced articles are designed for our colleagues - in the spirit of cooperation, and in the hope that we can contribute something to our profession. 

Note to our fellows and colleagues: Feel free to use any of our library materials in your own practice - just give us credit (and don't re-publish them without our permission and acknowledgement - that could get nasty). We welcome your feedback, constructive comments, and questions... we sometimes miss the obvious and your feedback helps remedy that. We view our colleagues as collaborators - not competition. There is plenty of work out there for all of us.

Apropos that last paragraph: Let us know what you do well - especially if it is a service we don't offer. We generate a "steady trickle" of referrals for other services and would be happy to add you to our referral list (after we've vetted you and  gotten to know you a bit). Contact us by email or phone to start the relationship. 

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