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Practice Areas

Grow your business | Acquire business assets and real estate | Fund your future | Manage your taxes
Plan your Exit | Diversify your real estate portfolio | Stay on Target
We accelerate your business and personal success while you do what you do best.

Steven Roy Management  has an extensive service matrix that includes:

  • Business Taxation: Tax Planning, Management, Representation, and Compliance

  • Business Management 

  • Benefit, Succession, and Estate Planning

  • Strategic/Financial Measurement, Analysis, and Planning

  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition/Development, Finance, Sales, and Syndication

  • Interim CFO Services and Project Management

Through our affiliates and strategic partners, We  also offer:

  • Investment and portfolio management; Business, Personal, and Benefit Plans

  • Wealth Management; Integrated Business and Personal financial planning

  • Insurance solutions; Life, Health, Property and Casualty

  • Residential Realty Acquisition, Finance, and Sales

Steven Roy Management’s principal, Steven J Roy, brings 45 years of direct, hands-on, business experience to your business and personal growth process. Our extensive network of associates, strategic partners, and independent service sources provides end-to-end, integrated, and consistent coverage for your business and personal financial needs.

Just a few of the things we do:

Business Taxation: Tax Planning, Management, Representation, and Compliance

Planning: Entity formation, structure and capitalization; multi-state multi-jurisdictional operations; asset transfer and acquisition; integration with personal tax planning; investment taxation; merger, dissolution and winding up. Management: Compliance and planning review; Audit readiness evaluation and maintenance. Representation: Examination (audit), appeal, collections. All federal and most state jurisdictions. Compliance: All entity or personal income tax returns (state, federal, multi-jurisdictional); Estate/Gift/Trust income tax; Sales tax; property tax; excise tax; employment tax.


Business Management

Benefit, Succession, and Estate Planning


Pension and benefit planning: analysis and planning, design, implementation, third party administration for Qualified or Non-Qualified pension and health-life-welfare plans; plan compliance reporting and returns.  Business succession Planning: Buy/Sell agreements; Management or Ownership transitions; Business sale, merger, acquisition or dissolution; ISO/NQO/ESOP. Estate and wealth planning: Estate planning vehicles (integrated business and personal); Disability planning; Special needs planning; Education planning; Intergeneration wealth preservation. Estate, Trust, and Gift Tax: Compliance, reporting, and returns; Audit representation. Pension/Benefit/Estate/Trust management

Strategic/Financial Measurement, Analysis, and Planning


Entity formation, merger, and dissolution; Business and product line extensions; Capital Structuring; Lender and shareholder relations and negotiation; Corporate governance; Modeling/budgeting operations; Asset acquisition, operations, and integration evaluation; Systems and personnel evaluation; Accounting and managerial accounting systems; Profitability and solvency analysis (ratios and trends, break-even, liquidity, return on asset & investment, and sensitivity analysis); Financial risk assessment; Capital expenditure & investment analysis; Comprehensive strategic business planning and budgeting; Project Management  

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition/Development, Finance, Sales, and Syndication


Commercial/Industrial and Multi-Family Property: Needs and market assessment; Analytics, evaluation, and due diligence services; Equity and lender finance; Property syndication and syndicate management/reporting; purchase/acquisition/lease origination; sale/lease termination

During any engagement, you will interface primarily with Steven J Roy with Dr. David Lee's assistance. Tax and estate services, if requested, will be performed solely by Steven J Roy. Other company  personnel may be engaged in analysis of information and administrative or ministerial activities in connection with the engagement. Portfolio, Insurance, and Investment services may be performed by affiliated companies. Neither Steven Roy Management nor its personnel may render legal services in connection with any engagement. We will rely on your legal counsel or mutually acceptable specialized counsel for those functions.

* You are not required to obtain all services or products necessary for any engagement from Cambyses Management Associates or its affiliates. Some products or services may be obtainable from other sources at lower cost.

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