Our Inaugural "Sustainable Philanthropy Newsletter"

Today marks the publication of or new Sustainable Philanthropy Newsletter.

Produced in cooperation with our affiliate, Cambyses Financial Advisors LLC, Our Sustainable Philanthropy letter addresses current topics that affect Exempt (Not-For-Profit) Organizations, Exempt Benefit Plans (Retirement and Health Care Planning) and those who want to make a lasting contribution to charitable causes (Philanthropists and Donors).

Along the way, we also address the first of our Resilient Industry Initiatives - delving into industries and investments that support Sustainable and Resilient technologies we believe offer hope for a more equitable and habitable future.

In this installment, we define our "subgroup" consisting of Electric Vehicle manufacturers, their Supply Chains and Distribution models.

As always (for the last 45 years, anyway) if anything here or in the Newsletter piques your interest reach out to us at:

Telephone: 1 [818] 489-4228

Email: steven@stevenroymanagement.com and steven@cambysesadvisors.com

For more detailed information about our Newsletter topics, take a look at our website and document archives: www.stevenroymanagement.com and www.cambysesadvisors.com

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