IRS Says It Will Still Follow Proper Procedures

Does anyone else find this notice a little bizarre - or is it just me???

Let's see, If I'm reading this correctly - EO will now follow the correct procedure for contacting a representative when the 1023 includes a valid 2848 -- as opposed to their current policy of following the correct procedure for contacting a representative.

In my experience, this is what usually happens anyway -- does your experience differ?? Inquiring minds and all that.

"Exempt Organizations Rulings & Agreements (EO R&A) office issued Interim Guidance (IG) memorandum (TEGE-07-0821-0016) on Updated Procedures Relating to Direct Contact (PDF) in the Determination Process. If an organization submits a valid Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, with its application for recognition of tax-exempt status or during case processing, we will contact an authorized representative listed on the Form 2848 to discuss issues or items in the application. We will contact the primary contact person listed on the application if no valid Form 2848 was submitted or if we are unable to contact the authorized representative. "

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