The Trouble With Tesla

Dang - Aren't you glad you didn't short sell Tesla (TSLA) this morning? (Believe me, the temptation was strong - but that just isn't the way we work.)

Don't you wish you shorted it three days ago (Like Elon Musk's Brother did)?

This is one where I get to gloat - advising a client not to buy into Tesla's stock split madness - I said "Besides, Musk will probably dilute you down by issuing new shares right after the split."

So, guess what company announced (right after their split) that they were issuing $5B of new capital shares? (Hint: It wasn't Apple).

Score One for consistency - Musk does stuff like this. But, surprise, people buy into it... for reasons that thoroughly escape me.

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Disclosure: CFA, through our clients, has a standing limit order to buy TSLA. At this date, none of those orders has been fulfilled.

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