Finance & Tax in the Time of Coronavirus

We just completed our take on thousands of pages of financial and tax guidance that emanated from the COVID pandemic. We managed to reduce it to about fifty pages - that are now available in the Archive-Library of our website (or you can pull it up directly).

We broke the information down: looking at who is affected by the provisions - and how they are affected: Major headings include:

  • Things that address mostly personal issues (e.g. stimulus checks and extended unemployment)

  • Things that affect mostly small businesses (Tax credits and easing restrictions)

  • Things that affect both personal issues and small businesses (A mixed bag - some of them helpful)

  • A quick look at the (mostly business oriented) financial provisions (PPP, EIDL, and other finance sources)

We analyse 20-30 initiatives from Treasury, IRS, Department of Labor, and the Small Business Administration - and have assembled links to the original pronouncements and agency interpretations you need if you want more information - or want to make sure we know what we are talking about. If you find errors or omissions in our work please let us know with either a call [818] 489-4229 or by EMail -

We kept the narrative uncluttered - emphasizing only critical points. We relegate the nitty-gritty details to footnotes and end-notes. We think this approach makes it readable by a general audience (who probably needs it most) while it provides actionable procedural and administrative detail for professionals. Let us know how that works for you.

Even more than usual - we urge you to review anything you find in our narrative with a qualified tax and/or finance professional. This arena is changing at break-neck speed - today's truth may be tomorrow's good laugh (or tragic omission). If you don't have a tax or finance professional - give us a call (Initial consultation, up to one hour, will be free). [818] 489-4228; E-Mail If you already know us - call and have a chat.

We will break the original document into smaller, more digestible pieces - stay tuned for more blog activity as we do.

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