Introducing, B-Corporations

Our clients are perpetually looking for ways to make the world a better "kinder and gentler" place.

Here is a seminar (which I attended this morning by Zoom) that discusses B-Corporations* - and the philosophy that business and profitability don't preclude charity and inclusion.

For more information on this subject, contact either the presenter or the Los Angeles LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

BTW: California law recognizes B (for Benefit) Corporations as one option under the general incorporation statute. We (Cambyses) are assembling a list of attorneys and accounting folks who are familiar with the ins-and-outs. (If you'd like to be included in our referral list, shoot me a copy of your vitae that emphasizes your understanding and commitment to this form.

Note: B-Corporations are a distinct breed from "Public Benefit Corporations" - one of the two approaches to charitable incorporation in CA.

Link to the presentation

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