Don't Say it with E-Mail?

Re: Boeing E-Mails.

Do you want a robust discussion of issues and/or fixes -- or do you want complacent agreement that all is well in this, the best of all possible worlds.

Two ways to look at the Boeing Emails -

1) The aircraft really was designed by clowns supervised by monkeys - all of whom are trying to put one over on the FAA (most of the media's apparent interpretation -probably because it verifies their prejudices - and besides that, ONE person in the organization actually said it in an email, so it must be true - and besides that it's sooooo quotable and inflammatory); or

2) Boeing's corporate culture fosters robust but sometimes rude or disrespectful disagreement on the way towards collective decision making (an interpretation that I favor - though I leaven that opinion with a bit of my own corporate cynicism) But damn - that's not very flammable and its hideously un-quotable so ya know it just couldn't possibly explain anything. Ya know, right?

Of course the latter explanation requires us to don our big kid pants and acknowledge that even the most robust debate and the firmest consensus can reach an incorrect decision about something with 8 million moving and electronic parts that flies around with enough flammable liquids in it to burn down a small country. We would certainly never want to admit that now - would we? (It's hard, if not impossible, to find any real villain in that scenario - and god don't we need more villains and blameworthy people - we just don't have enough of them.)

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