When Wayfair Met Income Tax

This policy development impacts nearly every internet business. If this trend continues it could be the most important change in multi-state taxation in the last sixty years.

Well - This didn't work like we intended!

We set out to write a five hundred word blog-post about how Pennsylvania's adoption of the Wayfair "economic market" test instead of the P.L. 86-272 "physical presence" affects state income tax nexus.

Unfortunately, we couldn't do it justice in just 500 words. We ended up with a five page (2,500 words) document that looks at the PA bill's impacts on small businesses, practitioners, advisers, and tax policy. That triggered our in-house rule, anything that long must have all our disclaimers and a cover page attached.

If you'd like to see what we ended up with - Follow this link

Photo Credit: Federal Tax Advocate's Office -- The process is about to get more complicated.

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