Bench-marking the Sun: A Lesson on Work-Delegation

I just got a real-life lesson in cooperation-collaboration-delegation from one of my favorite NFP clients (Olga Panasenco at Advanced Heliophysics);

She is lead author on a paper that will be published in The Astrophysics Journal (ApJ).* The paper lists Twenty One coauthors from Fifteen institutions in Six states and Four countries!

How does that even happen?

Apropos this - One of the hardest things for many entrepreneurs to do is to let go of responsibility and delegate authority. "I can do it better and faster myself!" has restrained the growth of an awful lot of otherwise robust companies.

While the assertion may (or may not) be true:

1. It restricts company growth -- the company can grow no larger or faster than the entrepreneur's availability or willingness to work, and their endurance.

2. It eliminates "cooperative intelligence." The company evolves only as fast and far as the entrepreneur's vision evolves. If the company hits a pivot - it had better be the entrepreneur's idea, or it won't get done.

3. Company systems (to the extent they exist at all) become extraordinarily error-sensitive. Anything that doesn't get done perfectly doesn't get done at all, or gets done and the result gets buried.

4. Motivated and innovative employees find work elsewhere.

Clearly, my friend doesn't believe in hiding her (or anyone else's) light under a bushel.

*1) "Fine-tuning solar wind origins and connecting plasma flows from Parker Solar Probe to 1 AU: non-spherical source surface and Alfv́enic fluctuations" - in case you are looking for some "light reading." (Yes, that's a Pun) (The paper is one of three on which she was lead author... ApJ will publish this work in hard-form-color as wellas digital :: Something they haven't done in nearly 20 years.) Heliophysics generates some cool (Or are they hot?) graphics!

Picture: A Coronal Mass Ejection, NASA

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