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I hate sports-analogies that masquerade as news reporting. But, the urge is irresistible right now.

Amazon is accused of Pay-to-Play tactics. Amazon reportedly "re-optimized" their search engines to provide prime placement of it's own products over those of vendors who (pay to) use their platform.* Unless, of course, those vendors pay for "Sponsored Content," (AKA Advertising). Then, they might come up in "Prime" positions.

Facing mockery, and the possibility they may "hold an IPO and no-one comes," WeWork took their ball and went home. WeWork postponed it's initial offer until probably at least year end, maybe, if we're nicer to them next time, and let them pitch.

ARAMCO could delay its IPO rather than playing with deflated balls. Saudi-ARAMCO is reportedly delaying its IPO - for the second or third time - after an apparently new band of tech savvy Yemeni Houthi Rebels suddenly got their hands on cruise missiles (Who knows from where?) and took out about half of ARAMCO's refining capacity.*

*1) Imagine the programming that "re-optimizing" effort must have taken <<Query Received>> <<IF(we sell it, Our' ad goes on top;

otherwise, bury the bugger after the paid ads)>> <<End>> A testament to Natural Language Processing if ever there was one.

*2) The Saudi's have billions of dollars worth of "defensive armaments" (mostly supplied or sold to them by the US) but don't seem able to defend themselves from under-armed adversaries - Why?

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