So, What's This New Fangled Thang Called A Computer?

So, one more indication I'm not quite with the program:

Looking at the computer software development industry (in response to someone else's study); I identify two major drivers of revenue growth and profitability -- business applications (OK, I get that), and GAMING SOFTWARE(?)

As a guy whose gaming experience ends right around the advent of Tetris,* it wouldn't have even occurred to me to follow that development.

But, then again, I am also the guy who - when ALGOL and COBOL introduced "string processing"* asked: "Why the h..l would anyone want to do that?"

*) Tetris: An ancient computer game (early 80s) that added a whole new nuance to the phrase "How did it get to be four AM already?" *) String Processing: An early form of text processing, from back when we thought computers were only good for solving complex math-arithmetic problems. (Like, back in the dark ages of the late 60s, early-mid 70's)


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