Investigating Tech - Two Approaches

On-beyond name-calling...

How much the Department of Justice, SEC, and Commerce's investigations of Big-Tech reflects Donald Trump's (DT) ire over Amazon Jeff Bezos' and the Washington Post is open for debate.

One thing we do know: The House hearings - involving ritual grilling of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (seemingly because he is an easy target) - do not reflect DT's influence. House Democrats would rather cut their own arm off than support any DT position.

We hope that in all the "Big is Bad" rhetoric one or more of these investigations addresses some real issues about our favorite tech-ness excess:

  • The prevalence of take-it-or-leave-it contracts of adhesion;

  • The absence of meaningful concern over product merchantability and functionality;

  • The industry's flagrant disregard of personal data security.

Yes, we are aware that the courts (to avoid "impeding progress") gave Big-Tech a pass on all of these issues years ago. We just think it is time for a mature industry to step up its game... whether because they want to serve their clients or because they are required to do so.


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